Monday, March 21, 2011


This last year has been CRAZY for our family...  so to recap a few things that have gone on
#1 We moved from LA county to the Inland Empire!! I didnt know how I was going to like the move since most of my life I grew up in L.A. But I absolutely L-O-V-E it here.. we get way more time to spend with Mulek since his shop is just down the street 
#2 Already posted about this but we had our 6th baby Isley this past year too!!
#3 We found the PERFECT house for our family.. I am so in love with this house, we turned down buying a house to stay in this one... I don't know if I will be able to find a house to buy that is set up the way we need it to be ('eh hem' like this one!) This house is has just enough room for us.. Dont know how we ever fit in our last house.. 
#4 Gavin has been baptized ... I know its a whole year late but  "better late then never" he really was excited and it was such a special day ! 
There was tons more but those were the MAJOR things that went on.. 

Kalaea also celebrated her 4th birthday.. 
Kalaea and her cake (my attempt to make a castle cake with limited resources hahahahahahahaha )

Isley fell asleep while waiting for dinner to be made.. oops
Thanksgiving with the cousins in our new house with no table yet on a mexican blanket haha!! ghetto!

our little troll....
Christmas 2010 

with family...
and friends.. 

Isley's first Christmas.
Going to Muleks work Christmas Party 
The "wives" at the work Christmas party 
What a HOTTIE!

Just love this pic... Hard days work!

sibling love!!

this is the boys favorite past time...

just a few fun videos....

Aniya and Isaiah boxing.

This was SO much fun.. you know I had to try this first to make sure it was safe (plus it was always something I always wanted to do since I was little, and now I have stairs.. so much fun!)

Isaiah Dancing... 

Saturday, October 2, 2010


My sister in law.. Suvi wanted me to start couponing and of course I thought .. Ugh...  .50 cents off of something whoopty doo!! but then I started researching coupons just to tell her I looked into it.. That is when I just I understood the coupon "game" I made a few rookie mistakes but I think I am doing pretty good for myself.. This is just a Video of the deal I got a Toys R Us the other day.. 

Sorry its a little dark but my kiddies were sleeping and I was in the room..
Oh and by the way... My kids are so into this.. especially Gavin.. if he wants something he will say look at your coupons and see if you and see if you can get it for free..
OK I know I am a dork but..... Who cares!! I love saving money!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For you Brit!!

School is officially in full swing and that means things are more hectic around here ( i have to actually get up early) getting 3 kids ready and out the door by 7am is a bit frustrating at times. I guess it could of been worse and I could have had girls first.. Now homework is another story.. ugh...
On top of all of that we have added baseball to our life now... and it is just one more thing on my agenda to get done... But... I am LOVING it.. I love being outside just watching the kids play...

The Dodgers first game....
Kaleb, Gavin and Zae

Gavin did really good never missed a ball!

Got on 1st base... but the good luck runs out there The boy after him hit the ball and he ran to second and him and the ball made it to second at about the same time.. he would have been safe but he overran second... he was so upset cause he didn't understand.. "MOM, but I touched the base first" we tried to explain, but he still was upset.. I felt so bad for him ,. 

Isaiah waiting in the out field for some action 

Finally... this last game Zae did really good he got two balls and threw them to the right base.. we are so proud of him... he is the smallest on the team  and really has no clue what he is doing.. he is getting the hang of it and really starting to enjoy himself now... 
They lost their first two games Zae doesn't care much but Gavin is sure upset about the losses

A few fun facts about our little Isley...
She is now 4 months (I cant believe it!)
she Just grew out of  Newborn diapers...and now in size 1
she wants to be held constantly
and she just learned a new trick
she sucks her thumb...and while I am not sure how I feel about this.. it sure is cute. I have never seen a baby suck their thumb..

She is an awesome baby and I am so glad she came to our family... we just love her so much!

And as you all know life is not always full of good things.... 
and with 6 kids we have lots of these days..

Don't remember why she was throwing such a fit.. Aniya is my best listener, helper and most mature (besides Gavin) but sometime in the last few months she has been throwing fits.. I am guessing because the naps have disappeared.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Its been awhile....

since I have made a post.......guess i just wasn't really in the blogging mood

And guess what guys still not... so I'm just gonna ramble a min then post pictures at  the end and see how far I get before Isley wakes up.

And last but not least.. for all the people who had doubted me!! I changed the breaks on my car.. and because of all of you guys that doubted me it made me think that this is something girls should know.. So I am going to make sure my boys and my GIRLS can do all of that kind of stuff.
First, Isley was blessed... we drove to AZ to have her blessed on the same day as her cousin Kanon. I made Isley's dress.. ha ha well attempted to... I don't think i did a bad job.. but it is what it is.. if you wanna see pictures check the link..---> I don't have pictures from the blessing because my camera has mysteriously disappeared.  Nice huh... hopefully it will turn up when we move.. I hope... but don't worry guys cause I bought another one. It was such a nice trip not too long of a drive but long enough to have some nice conversations with the hubs while the kids slept.. I LOVE ROAD TRIPS.... to me they are so relaxing.. just listening to music and nice conversations.. Jason and Brit were the best hosts ever.. They planned nice meals for EVERY meal! Thanks Brit! We spent a lot of time at her moms house because her mom has a pool, that was so nice.. the kids did really well... Isaiah actually swam for his first time there.. and we almost had an accident there also... (this scenario plays over and over in my mind... it just really bothers me....) we had all gotten out of the pool so every one could eat.. then the kids of course wanted to get back in so I sat out there next to the pool while 5 kids got in the water and two, 2year olds wondered in the yard and one baby in my hand.. Then Brit came out to sit with me  and then eventually mulek... we were just sitting there talking and then I saw someones feet go under the water (head first) so I run up to the edge of the pool and it was Kalaea and she was trying to hard to swim but she wasn't going anywhere ... I jumped in and got her.. but I just cant help but think what would have happened if  i didn't turn my head just at that moment... I would have not notice until i didn't another count.. I asked her if she was scared and she said "no mom, cause you grabbed my hand."  I guess it was only seconds... but it seemed like minutes to me..       ANYWAY.... Thanks Jason and Brittany for such a great time..

We haven't been up to much since we have been back. The kids started school!!! I cant believe I have 3 in  school. Gavin is in the 3rd grade.. time goes by so fast.. We got his scores from last years state standards test.. he was tested in 3 categories, English, math and science... and he scored advanced in all three!!!! we are so proud of him.. Isaiah is in the first grade now and I am loving his teacher she really pushes the kids to do their best... if they don't she throws their papers away and makes them start over... Love it!! All I can say is Isaiah writes neater than Gavin does now! lol  Aniya is in kindergarten... she is really liking it, she has made some new friends and some boy is even asking her on "dates"... she has told him a few times no and to leave her along... but he keeps bothering her so I am gonna have to go talk to the teacher.. I just wish kindergarten was full day!!   she has really grown up this summer! she spends lots of time in the bathroom doing her hair.. and she does better than I did at 5.. don't know what I'm gonna do when she is 12 or 15... Help me!!  Kalaea is supposed to be in preschool but they are retarded so I am now doing a preschool curriculum for 2 hours a day with Makai and Kalaea... still have some kinks to work out but it is going pretty good..

Isley of course is growing fast... its almost 4 months since she has come into this world.. she now follows us with her eyes, she smiles, and is a screamer not a mad scream its like a happy squeal.. she is usually a happy girl, but when she isn't she wants mom... If i try to have one of the other kids hold her for a sec so I can pee or cook or something... she just screams, but the second I touch her she stops... What a mamma's Girl! its frustrating sometimes but I just remember that these four months have gone by so fast and the next four are too and she wont want  me to hold her in 4 more months.. I just love her and cant imagine our "little" family without her.. 

We have signed the boys up for baseball.. they have never played before and are on a minors team... Gavin has picked up pretty good.. Isaiah had got hit in the face with the ball 3 times already so now he is scared of the ball... he is doing really good for being the smallest on the team... the coach even has a nick name for him "little I" games start sept so I think it will be so fun to watch..

And last but not least.. for all the people who had doubted me!! I changed the breaks on my car.. and because of all of you guys that doubted me it made me think that this is something girls should know.. So I am going to make sure my boys and my GIRLS can do all of that kind of stuff.

so proud

"mom.... flower!"   hahaha   no son!

losing teeth
Isaish doing good
and day dreaming....maybe thats why he gets hit??

looking good son!

relaxing watching the boys practice

already getting an award  only been at school for 2 weeks


movie night when daddy works all night

hands are ALWAYS in her mouth

smiles after waking up

kalaea being kalaea

little mom

Isley is almost as big as her

in her mouth again!

gotta love em!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We all got together for my moms birthday and decided that we needed a pic with all of the grandkids... Now that there is 2 more.
Here are just a few different things that we tried... non of which really worked out all that well.... 
try taking a picture of 9 kids all under the age of 8.... not as fun as we thought it would be

The boys

The girls.... just look how cute Bostyn is!!

This one is ok but no babies

Carissa, Brittany, and Me
With all our 2year olds

look how big they all are!!

best buds!!!

Bostyn and Isley 

Baby Kanon... L-O-V-E her!

The girls.... Bostyn just fits right in with my group I just love her to pieces!!!

Such a cutie!!!

look at those eyes!!!   Beautiful!!!

oh I just wish I could keep her

And our new best buds!! 
Isley and Kanon
2 and 3 months
look how they are holding hands already...

The only time these two babies were happy at the same time...

Love these babies!!!