Monday, March 21, 2011


This last year has been CRAZY for our family...  so to recap a few things that have gone on
#1 We moved from LA county to the Inland Empire!! I didnt know how I was going to like the move since most of my life I grew up in L.A. But I absolutely L-O-V-E it here.. we get way more time to spend with Mulek since his shop is just down the street 
#2 Already posted about this but we had our 6th baby Isley this past year too!!
#3 We found the PERFECT house for our family.. I am so in love with this house, we turned down buying a house to stay in this one... I don't know if I will be able to find a house to buy that is set up the way we need it to be ('eh hem' like this one!) This house is has just enough room for us.. Dont know how we ever fit in our last house.. 
#4 Gavin has been baptized ... I know its a whole year late but  "better late then never" he really was excited and it was such a special day ! 
There was tons more but those were the MAJOR things that went on.. 

Kalaea also celebrated her 4th birthday.. 
Kalaea and her cake (my attempt to make a castle cake with limited resources hahahahahahahaha )

Isley fell asleep while waiting for dinner to be made.. oops
Thanksgiving with the cousins in our new house with no table yet on a mexican blanket haha!! ghetto!

our little troll....
Christmas 2010 

with family...
and friends.. 

Isley's first Christmas.
Going to Muleks work Christmas Party 
The "wives" at the work Christmas party 
What a HOTTIE!

Just love this pic... Hard days work!

sibling love!!

this is the boys favorite past time...

just a few fun videos....

Aniya and Isaiah boxing.

This was SO much fun.. you know I had to try this first to make sure it was safe (plus it was always something I always wanted to do since I was little, and now I have stairs.. so much fun!)

Isaiah Dancing... 


Brittany said...

Loved seeing all the pictures and videos. So much fun. Keep it coming! We miss you guys!

Danny said...

I'm an old friend of Mulek's and I am tryin gto get back in contact with him! My name is Danny from Utah. If you can have him look me up on facebook under Danny Palmer!!! Thanks

Danny said...

Sorry, you can also have him email me at Thanks